A Smart and Beautiful Way to Stop Bots

MTCaptcha is More Than Captcha, a smart captcha service that is GDPR and WCAG compliant, providing the ultimate confidence in privacy and accessibility. Our Adaptive Invisible noCaptcha ensures friction-less verification for real humans while being robust against bots. Enterprise dashboards allow multiple user accounts for analytics and metrics.

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Modern Mini
Invisible Captcha

For more themes and css style customization,
see MTCaptcha's Code Builder
To experience MTCaptcha with screen readers Play video here, or try the keyboard shortcuts
in the captcha input field to play audio captcha and refresh challenge.
MTCaptcha is VPAT and WCAG 2.1 AAA Compliant. For more details and supported audio languages
see MTCatpcha's Accessibility FAQ
Enable Automated Test Mode:
Test Mode Enabled, try entering '11111111' into the catpcha text field to complete the captcha.
For more details on how to enable Test Mode and automated UX unit testing,
see our Developers Guide
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Trusted By Enterprises


Designed for the Enterprise

MTCaptcha - Designed for the Enterprise

MTCaptcha provides more than just a captcha; it includes features designed for enterprises, such as support for a multi-user management console, automated unit tests, server-side token decryption, and Threat SPECT.

GDPR Compliant Captcha

GDPR Compliant Captcha

From startups to large enterprises, organizations rely on MTCaptcha for GDPR-compliant protection against spam and abuse on their websites and online platforms.
With a strong focus on enterprise, user, and privacy concerns, MTCaptcha operates seamlessly and automatically, ensuring optimal user experience without compromising privacy.

Adaptive Risk Engine

Adaptive Risk Engine

Backed by an adaptive Risk Engine, the system continuously monitors and responds to the threats of the environment, making MTCaptcha easy on real humans and difficult for bots.
Both low friction invisible captcha and classic variations are available to support diverse risk profiles and use cases.

Highly Available Around The World

24/7 Global Availability

With a decentralized architecture and data centers situated around the world, leveraging global edge nodes and smart scaling, we insure availability 24/7, even under DDoS scenarios.
For particular network conditions such as seen in China, custom monitoring, routing and servers are in place to guarantee consistent and stable coverage where ever the customers may be.

Accessibility and Privacy

Accessibility and Privacy

Being GDPR compliant and privacy conscious is just the start, our commitment and policies mean your data will never be sold or shared with third parties or used for advertisement.
Captcha images are certified colorblind safe, and the widget is not only fully VPAT compliant, its truly optimized and intuitive to use with screen readers.

Looks Great and with Customizable Themes

Customizable Themes

And of course MTCaptcha is build to look great. With multiple preset themes and customizable styles, it will look smart and just right on your website.



User Interface

11 preset themes
2 preset themes
Customizable CSS Styles
Localized Languages (i18n Supports)

Easy on Humans

Invisible Captcha
Low Friction Captcha
NoCaptcha Captcha
Adaptive Captcha Complexity
Proof of Work
Adaptive Proof of Work


Accessibility (VPAT/WCAG)

Enterprise Features

Multi Region Datacenters
Works in China
Inconsistent in China
Actionable Risk Profile
Threat SPECT
Support (by Real People)
Multiple User Accounts
Automated Regression Test Support
(eg Selenium)
Other Firewall ready,
API less token validation ,
Captcha event Log
Admin audit log

Discover What Customers are Saying About MTCaptcha

Discover How MTCaptcha is Used Across Enterprises, SMEs, and Non-profit Organizations According to G2 Reviewers

Affordable, effective captcha solution for respecting privacy law requirements

"MTCaptcha provides a great alternative for captcha that adheres to current privacy laws that other captcha solutions do not.  Low-friction invisible captcha is available.  The solution is priced well, and different pricing options are available.  Their documentation and tools were well-designed and thorough, to make it easy for us to put together our solution for our rather complex sites, and to observe the solution at work once deployed.  What impressed us most was that their team was incredibly responsive with high-expertise assistance where needed."

Great product, great service

"MTCaptcha is privacy compliant in the EU, other than many of their competitors.We as a startup received a lot of help from the team. We also got the possibility to check out the enterprise version for a limited time.Implementing MTCaptcha to any site was quite easy and worked well. We are more than satifsfied!"

A superb alternative to all other captcha services

"Ease of use and support.  Great to work with, very responsive.  Listens to customer needs and adapts.So far we haven't had many downsides.  A few minor (and I do mean minor) quirks, but they worked through most of them."

Slick captcha service, good reCaptcha alternative

"Works in China, GDPR compliant,  great support team, an informative dashboard to monitor. Multiple language support in Captcha"

A Great Experience

"The interface is super user-friendly and secure. This helps the database identify between real users and bots, this way it can provide real data to the companies."