Does MTCaptcha Support Invisible Captcha  


Yes, MTCaptcha supports invisible captcha (NoCaptcha Captcha).

Research has shown that captcha increases friction, adding on average 10 seconds to online transactions and turn aways.

Our captcha service uses Adaptive Complexity backed by an advanced risk algo to lower user frustration for real users and substantially lowers bounce rate.

MTCaptcha also supports completely Invisible Captcha (noCaptcha), resulting in zero friction to 95% - 99% of all users (numbers from blended customer usage analytics).

We currently support 2 types of invisible captcha

  • Low Friction Invisible Captcha

    Where the captcha is completely invisible for most users and only shown when some level of risk is detected by MTCaptcha’s adaptive Risk Engine. This significantly lowers the friction for real users resulting in more successful transactions while making it hard on bots.

    The Adaptive Risk Engine continuously monitors the network environment and usage patterns to adjust sensitivity and risk scores.

  • IP White List Invisible Captcha

    Where the captcha is completely invisible for users coming from internet IP addresses matching a defined IP white list.

See Developers Guide - Invisible Captcha for more details on how to enable and configure this.