No CAPTCHA Solutions

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CAPTCHA solutions traditionally have been the first line of defense against spam traffic and malicious bots on the internet. To counter increased level of threat and sophistication of bots, captcha services has notched up the complexity for bots but also resulted in higher friction for end users.

“No CAPTCHA” solutions are a reversal of this trend, being more sophisticated in identifying bot threats while posing no fiction (or low) friction to normal humans.

This has been a welcome change across industries. In this article, we will discuss 2 such solutions providing “No CAPTCHA” services and key aspects of their solutions.

  2. MTCaptcha Low Friction Captcha


No Captcha is a risk profile driven captcha strategy, which distinguishes between ‘safe’ traffic and risky traffic and allows genuine human traffic to bypass without being challenged with an actual captcha.

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA : reCAPTCHA does advance user profiling using Google cookies, Google analytics, user activity tracking across the site, clicks/touches on the screen in addition to other browser parameters. Based on the above parameters reCAPTCHA calculates a risk score which either let the user pass or is shown a captcha (reCaptcha V2) or let’s the customer decide what actions to take (reCaptcha V3).

MTCaptcha Low friction Captcha :  MTCaptcha works with a similar adaptive risk profiling engine which uses browser info, clicks and touches, captcha activity and trends, network activity and other info to evaluate the risk of traffic. Allowing most humans to pass through without ever seeing the captcha. It also allows for white listing of IPs for a frictionless experience.


User experience is one of the key drivers for this solution.  Accessibility, ease of use and low customer turn away are major benefits that are driving enterprises to migrate from traditional CAPTCHA solution to No CAPTCHA solutions.

Here is a matrix that suggests how traditional Captcha has mostly failed the accessibility test, And why we need low friction CAPTCHA.


No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA : With release of reCAPTCHA v3, Google provides a risk score and leaves how to verify higher risk traffic to the site, or the traditional visual captcha as fallback. On accessibility, reCAPTCHA is silent on WCAG/VPAT compliance.

MTCaptcha Low Friction Captcha : MTCaptcha allows low risk users to pass through uninterrupted. For higher risk users, MTCaptcha presents a Captcha of varying complexity. MTCaptcha is WCAG 2.1 AAA compliant, providing both visual and audio captchas as well as being screen reader friendly.


This is another aspect while considering a CAPTCHA solution, especially for enterprises. GDPR has created a lot of attention to user privacy and data control, and is an important aspect to consider when selecting a CAPTCHA service.

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA : reCAPTCHA leverages Google Accounts info as well as cookies with personal identifiers.  This has raised privacy and GDPR concerns around enterprises and is a major reason for migration away from reCAPTCHA services recently.

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MTCaptcha Low Friction Captcha: Is GDPR compliant, actually collecting no personal information on the captcha itself and side stepping most of the compliance burden for its customers.  here is snapshot of Policy.