MTCaptcha JavaScript APIs

A window.mtcaptcha object will be created once the MTCaptcha javascript library has loaded. This mtcaptcha object supports the following APIs.

API Description
enableTestMode ( ) To enable Automated Test mode with the TestKey. For more details see Developers Guide - Automated Testing
getConfiguration ( ) Returns a 'copy' of the configuration object for the captcha. This is primarily used for debugging config settings. Any changes to the returned config object is ignored.
getStatus ( ) Returns the current state of the captcha. For more details of the state object, see Developers Guide - JS Callbacks - State Argument
getVerifiedToken ( ) Returns the current verifiedToken string, null if not verified.
renderUI ( ) Explicit call to render the captcha, when initialized with config render='explicit'. See Developers Guide - Explicit Render for asynchronous safe method explicitly render the widget.
resetUI ( ) Resets the widget and all its state.
remove ( ) Completely removes the captcha widget from the DOM. The captcha can be re-instantiated by calling RenderUI( ). This method is useful for single page web applications
showMandatory ( ) Shows the message and styling to indicate the captcha is mandatory. This is intended for use with custom form validation. See Developers Guide - Auto Form Validate to have the captcha automatically check and enforce completion on form submit.